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GB Legislative Assembly completed term, elected leaders apologized to the public

Abdul Rehman Bukhari

Gilgit, December 9: The 33-member Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA), formed under the GB Self-Governance Order 2009, completed its five-year term. During the last session of the GBLAon Tuesday, the elected members apologized to the people of Gilgit Baltistan for the weaknesses in effectively serving the people. The members also expressed the hope that the people will again elect them on the base of their performances.

GBLA during its five-year term held a total of 41 sessions which stretched over 241 days. The assembly legislated on 31 points and passed 104 resolutions, the highest in the parliamentary history of the region. GBLA received a budget of 45 Crore during this period.

New polls will be held within 60 days of the dissolution of the Assembly however the harsh weather conditions may delay the poll.

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  1. After spending 45 Crore we have still no electricity, no proper govt. Schools, no roads,
    no justice,
    no safe drinking water, no peace
    No proper health facilities, no jobs.
    Then where 45 crore has gone????
    We all know…..
    Mehdi shah become richest, PPP’s activists has started Whole Sale Businesses.
    They have purchased plates in Islamabad.


  2. —-In my openion the word apologise of the writer made them HERO. If they said the words unanimously from heart ””WE SALUTE THEM ALL”’. The words is unique in political History of this country. This word of apologise is a lesson for all the ruling people of our GREAT COUNTRY.
    —– we a bit educated people living in different cities of Pakistan know what is in their power to do for the common people of GB. What powers the centre Govt. bestowed them from the last decades to excercise for the betterment of the people of GB.

    —- This one word of apologise if they said unanimously from heart is enough that they are HEROS of GB. THIS IS LESSON FOR REST OF THE COUNTRY.

  3. Five years of agony is over.

    Aliabad incident will be remembered as one of the vicious things done by this assembly.

  4. excellently explained by EA Barcha and Baig Ali Bhai,

    in my opinion last five years was terrible and waste of time, we are not here to accept your apology and then vote your for next five years, not at all

    we demand accountability for those who lotted public money, sold jobs, promoted nepotism and terrorism, discouraged meritocracy.

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