Especially For the Girls of GB!!

Noreen Akhtar

A guy was stalking my Facebook account months ago and started alarming me that since I am a Hunzai, I should not distort my culture. I should not wear jeans in a foreign country. Though I thought of ignoring him but that was not the solution for him and other guys like him who torture girls on Facebook by sending them illicit messages using fake accounts.

I discussed with him to find out how, if true, I am representing my culture here in Bangladesh and if I’ll go back to Hunza, I’ll obviously follow my culture. He was so sick and coward that he sent a picture of woman with burqa and told me to wear it. I didn’t give up and he started editing my pictures to further torture me. Still I didn’t give up.

Few days ago I saw a picture of a girl from Hunza who participated in a culture show but she was not representing GB’s culture properly. People have started advertising that picture and posting such illicit and vulgar comments about her. They were comparing her with Veena and Meera. They were calling her kanjar and this and that. They were not accepting that if that girl was wrong then the people who were criticizing her character were also wrong because if she was wrong. then they could have consulted with her family and management to avoid such performances. This guy again started torturing me saying that I am taking side of that particular girl. He will edit my comments and post on the social media. He has my data and pictures so he will again edit my pictures and this time he will post them on the Facebook pages of GB.

Though this is not a serious issue which should be under consideration but what I believe is that no one has any right to torture you if you are not wrong. This is especially for the girls of GB. If a guy tortures you, torture him back. If he sends illicit messages, answer him. Don’t become afraid and block him because if you will block him he will torture another girl who may even be your sister. Don’t think that I am educated so I should not argue with him. Argue with them the way they argue with you because such fools think that they will dominate some girls and will force them to do whatever they want. Treat him in a way that for the next time he will think thousand times before sending message to another girl. Speak up against such cowards and jerks.

We all are responsible to not distort our culture. No culture is greater than self respect and peace and cooperation among people of a society. It is illogical to expect a girl not to wear jeans in a foreign country. She doesn’t become character less if she wears jeans there. It’s the respect and acceptance of diversity. Culture is our identity and I request everyone to please not restrict our culture with girls only. If a girl wears jeans she becomes slut but if a boy wears jeans he becomes stud. WAWW!!

If a girl wears our traditional cap by putting dupatta at the back side she becomes kanjar and Veena but if a boy wears our traditional cap with jeans he represents our culture. I don’t understand why we are afraid of accepting this fact that like all other societies there are problems in our society too. We need to accept them and try to solve unanimously.

My intentions are not to favor either a girl or a boy. I just want to highlight that both should be treated equally. If a girl does something wrong then instead of insulting her in public, consult with her family and management. Likewise, don’t make a boy stud if he does the same. People talk about GHAIRAT. Why your ghairat get buried when you torture GB girls or any other on Facebook. It’s not our culture, right? Where your Ghairat dies when you call her slut despite of knowing the fact that she is not wrong? Why you smoke and drink and create chaos not only in your personal life but also in the society? Aren’t these facts some of the root causes of chaos in our society?

I request you all to please ponder upon such situations, face them and come to a better solution.

Originally posted at: Mad Me

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  1. Its just a mere part of what our youth is doing around here on social media sis. I see guys from GB creating fake accounts of girls belonging to their own region, splashing their personal photos and information on Facebook. Allah knows, what our youth is up to. It pains me when I see and even talk about them. Sometimes they’re like animos fascists, then you see them preaching their religion like a fanatic mullah and you’ll find them splashing dirt on someone’s character. We, as GB nation, are going towards destruction.!!!

  2. Noreen Akhtar, you will compare your self with dominant society, let also touch QURAN, don’t follow culture’s, (your article is limited to jean wearing) their is a lot of things, that will show by our society, should we respect our body, if we fell in culture, will never groom our self. Great effort, keep it up, 🙂

  3. Dear Noreen, Very interesting…. Your words sounds well. However I partly agree with you…Wish You best of Luck…All cheers

  4. Noreen, it’s hard to debate with a mind set which is too rigid and narrow ! Unfriend and block such people right away ! I m proud of you for whatever you wish to put on which is comfortable for YOU and your brothers ! Don’t pay attention to barking dogs !

  5. Noreen You should read Quran always. Ask God for forgiveness. That person only hates you because you are following in the footsteps of loose character.
    Our culture teaches good values to our younger people. When they grow up they think what is best.
    Because they don’t follow faith as they should. Just don’t worry so much.
    Try to do good deeds and stay away from immoral people that take advantage. If someone says something tell them. I am going to pray & you should pray. praying is a lot better than wasteful activity.
    We are all upset about veena. But veena will be judged by her character.
    make friends that are similar to you so you don’t face any kind of surprise or regrets.
    I wish you luck. I hope our people will guide you in the right direction. But i suspect people that are selfish.

  6. Wasters… ! The guys who talk of values are the ones least following them. The dilema we all face is we are living in a Globalised world, where impacts of dominant cultures is all pervasive. Culture never stagnates itself rather it evolves. We must have
    to accept the change but not at the cost of core values.

  7. I would suggest the “rival” to write a “reply” article too. Then, it will be more interesting to read and comment by having views from both sides. otherwise, this is only one side of the story…….

    1. I am also waiting for a reply from the other party before commenting anything against anyone, as I can’t believe in whatever one party says whatsoever. No one in this world is perfect and 100% right. However, there are some valid arguments in this posts which are undeniable.

      I am not staggered to read comments from some people which show their confusion about religion and culture. Our culture and religion must not be blamed for people being ultra-conservative. Being ultra-conservative or extremely westernized, both are two ends of extremism. We all, regardless of gender and age, need to know our limits in any society we live in. Culture can be evolved with the passage of time, but that should never mean its values could suddenly be obliterated by another culture’s values, otherwise crimes are inevitable.

      The reputation of Hunza regarding peace was always best in the region because our elders knew how to respect each other, but during recent past we have heard of many crimes including murders in the name of honor. Whenever a person smokes while sitting besides me, firstly, I request him to stop smoking, and if he says ‘it is my life, I can do whatever I want’, and doesn’t stop smoking, there will definitely be an argument with him and a fight in the end. Because he has to think about other people living around him who are affected. Similarly, if a girl works to provide livelihood to herself and her family then there is no objection, but if she does something wrong in the name of culture which can have wrong impact on our next generations then it is the responsibility of the people to tell her in a proper way to stop it. If she does it again and again then there will definitely be arguments from ultra-conservative people living in our society, and then crimes as consequences.

  8. Thumbs up Noreen for highlighting this issue. Making fake accounts has become very common nowadays not only boys even girls have started making fake accounts of other girls!!

  9. Hats off.. You are right. Our girls are being ignored in all sectors. You just highlighted my words of heart. But need of time is to make them competent enough to defend them. Hopefull

  10. Even though your ideas are not clear however agreed with all these facts. Just a thought, You can’t have a direct impact of dominant culture , you need to modify according to your own beliefs and practices. Moreover, Is it better to bring up our girls to the exploiting level where our boys are, say for equality or is it better to bring down the exploiting practices of boys.

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