Less representation: People from Hunza protest in front of Gilgit-Baltistan House, Islamabad

Islamabad, January 24:  A group of people belonging to different parts of Hunza Valley staged a peaceful protest demonstration in front of the Gilgit-Baltistan House here in the federal capital. They were protesting against neglecting Hunza in the caretaker setup handpicked for Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Carrying placards, the protesters condemned ‘discrimination against Hunza’ and highlighted the importance of Hunza Valley for Pakistan, in terms of tourism, defense and trade.

The protest demonstration was held while the new selected cabinet was taking oath inside the Gilgit-Baltsian House.

Photo: Naseer Ahmad
Photos: Naseer Ahmad

The protesters said that the formula of might is right is being followed and merit is being ignored in all sectors of the government. They said that Hunza played a leading role in liberating Gilgit-Baltistan from the clutches of Dogra occupiers and since then the sons and daughters of Hunza have always played an important role in promoting the soft image of Pakistan. However, in return the people are being ignored and pushed backward by powerful lobbies, said the protesters.

They demanded bifurcation of the Hunza-Nagar district and increment of another seat for Hunza in the GBLA, in proportion of the region’s population. They said that regions with lesser population have been over-represented while the people of Hunza have been ignored.

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  1. The largest number of shaheeds in the independence of GB in 1947-48 were from Hunza as depicted in the chinaar bagh monument. The first state to declare its accession to Pakistan was Hunza in 1947. Before 1892 nobody dared enter Hunza either from the north or from the south. The Hunzukutz were legendary warriors. Now they are leading in education, civilised behaviour, peaceful co-existence and interfaith harmony. The interim Govt in GB is definitely poorer in its composition and credibility by ignoring such an important and strategic part of the GB!

  2. The largest cabinet in GB and no representation of Hunza is shame to all. It is Hunza through which Govt of Pakistan collects millions of dollars through trade and there is not a single paisa for the development of this region.

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