GB caretaker cabinet promises free and fair elections in the region

Gilgit: The caretaker cabinet of Gilgit-Baltistan region met today for the first time in the regional capital. The introductory meeting was presided by the caretaker Chief Minister Sher Jahan Mir.

Speaking the during the inaugural meeting, the ministers said that holding a free and fair election is their first priority. They said that they will create a model of transparency by overseeing a free and fair election.

The 12-member cabinet was also upbeat about ensuring employments on merit. They said that quotas for the disabled people and women should be allocated as per law, without any discrimination.

Issues of electricity shortage was also discussed during the meeting.

The caretaker government is in power for a short period of time, ending in the last week of May or the mid of June. During this period, they are supposed to hold free, fair and timely elections for the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

It is pertinent to note that opposition parties, including PPP, MQM and PTI, as well as progressive and nationalist groups have accused the federal government of installing a partisan regime to rig the elections.

The caretaker cabinet has also been challenged in a top regional court by MWM, who have called the appointment of the Chief Minister and the cabinet minister illegal. The court has accepted a writ petition in this regard for hearing.

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