Rainfall and Earthquake: Two houses destroyed, one partially damaged, in Chitral

By: Gul Hamad Farooqi
Chitral, March 1: Two houses and boundary wall of another house were damaged at Tamunik upper of Broze village. According to  a retired teacher Muhammad Mujahid, who is also the vice president of Pakistan Tahriki Insaf (PTI) and social worker of the area, the  house of Ashraf Khan son of Zahoor Khan , Haidar Ali son of Anwar Khan and  boundary wall of Hafeezuddin son of  Qasim Khan,s house  were damaged badly  in earthquake after continuous rain. Giving details, he said that two rooms of Haider Ali slid and fell over the house of Ashraf Khan as a result two rooms of his house were also damaged. Because these two rooms were situated on a height over the house of Ashraf Khan. While boundary wall of Hafizuddin, s house damaged badly.
Talking to this scribe victims of natural disaster said that they are very poor people and had spent all of their property on these houses which were damaged after continue rain. Now they are living under open sky despite severe cold weather and have nothing to reconstruct their house. Affected people have appeal to chief minister KP Parvez Khattak  for compensation to assist them financially to reconstruct their houses to save their  families from rain and sowfall.
They  thanked Abdul Latif PTI president Chitral chapter for rendering his sympathies with victim family but lamented former MNA Abdul Akbar who belong to this area but he not did a single call to the affected family. They said that no officer of district administration has visited their houses in two days after the incidence. Estimates of their loses is telling 1.2 million because these house situated on height and carrying of material is very costly to the area. Affected family also thanked Chitral union of professional journalists and his president for visiting the area for coverage through media.

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