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Governor has no role to play in elections: Barjees

ISLAMABAD: Governor Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Chaudhry Barjees Tahir Sunday said governor was just a representative of the federal government having no role to play in elections in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Talking to a news channel, he said an additional responsibility was given to him by the Prime Minister in the form of Governorship of GB and he was making all out efforts to fulfil that responsibility.

Barjees said he had welcomed the criticism of opposition on his appointment as it was opposition which criticize the government on different issues.

PML-N, he said, had respected the mandate of different political parties and gave them an opportunity to govern in their respective provinces and deliver to the masses.

Governor GB said different projects were being started in Gilgit-Baltistan which include development, power and health projects.

Merit would be ensured in Gilgit-Baltistan and corruption would not be tolerated, he underlined.

Source: APP

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One Comment

  1. We all gbians appreciates all leaders and professionals who are working against corruption and striving for good governance. prior to this we have expressed our ideas in social media as follows that makes clear no matter a person is local or none local. We believe in service delivery where we had disappointed last five years in GB during self governance for not delivering service and on violation of basic human rights as well.I have many examples of such violations that would be not feasible to mention here.However the former extract is hereby presented for interest of readers and audiences as well.

    Imtiaz sab ! The GBIANS appreciates and respect to all those parties and individuals who are/ were practically keen in development of GB and Keen in service delivery.
    Actually honest speaking these are parties that create hate ness and gaps amongst people and even in families as well.
    As GBIAN I appreciate and respect the truthfulness and honesty of these leaders ( Political / Social )belonging from three different parties in GB for example.

    1. Wazir baig PPP
    2. Hafizur Rehman PMLN
    3. Nawaz Khan Naji BNF

    I have never heard about them to encouraging corruption or disintegration. Always they would talk about merit and good governance and welfare of GB. It is another thing that these are not heard more or regarded by their counterparts or colleagues.

    Like wise many individuals have also recorded their names in GB history through their utmost service delivery.

    • Shaheed zulfiqar ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto are always remembered as they demolished FCR. But their successors spoiled their image through bad governance.
    • Pervaz Musharaf spread the net work of development in Gb and established KIU.
    • Mian Nawaz sharif and shehbaz sharif always presented themselves in the place of trouble and always stood by GBIANS whether it is Giyari sector or Atta Abad Lake disaster. Apart from this they helped fully the students of GB in providing educational equipments like lap tops etc. They doubled the professional seats in Punjab and thus more than 80 professional human resources has been started to enhance annually for last four years. These are the practical examples of service delivery. It is also hoped they would also grant constitutional right to GB as well.

    As far as Imran Khan and PTI is concern we respect and regard him on his envisioning and aiming at making KPK corruption free province and emphasizing streamline the systems in country and within party.

    The GBIANS hate and condemn corrupt parties and leaders who deteriorate the principles of Islamic values and good governance and appreciate and honour the corruption free leaders and parties whichever that may be.

    Second Extract :

    Thank you very much Minister Berjis tahir sab and chief secretary for taking bold steps to reducing corruption from GB. All gbians have felt satisfaction over yours striving for streamlining the systems. Still the things need to be institutionalizing to ensure service delivery to public. Maintaining equality regarding the power issue is also your big step towards good governance. Some people are confused about wheat subsidy, as social analyst I have realized this has been also done by some GBLA figure heads and now they are defaming federal govt as well. These are the figure heads that who have compromised on corruption and wheat sub seedy as well. The former distribution of wheat has been also done on the bases of political and other affiliations as well. In one village the people have lost 32 million for affording additional cost for their children‘s survival in last five years. The situation in such villages might be worsening than Ther Sind. GB nation would never spare to such figure heads (who do not deserve to call leaders) who have distorted the image of GB. Why so far election commission GB has not declared disqualify them. It is hoped Hafizur rehman and his team would continue their struggle to make the GB corruption free zone with the collaboration of Govt. management.

    3rd Extract

    Respected Minster sab ! Thanks a lot for taking interest and showing integration with GB by initiating opening of two institutions. At the same time this has been earnest desire of all GBIANS that they should have constitutional right in parliament. Please give top priority to this demand or work for other alternative independent set up or bring reforms in existing one with the collaboration and coordination of GB political leadership and civil society representatives.

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