Reality and Man

Irfan uddin 

Standing near a running brook taught me to tarry around the persuasive nature which always tried to fascinate my caged mind. Nature is a standstill hypnotic soul that fascinates our souls, but we do not want to inflict this pleasing pain to ours. Differences are created for destruction of natural uniformity. Minds are irrationally engaged with differences and such differences have distracted us from reality of living.

It is very hard to accept nature’s uniformity. Self-created opportunities have destroyed our ways of living. Our unrealistic minds have transformed our lives into differences which can never be mended. Our distracted considerations have put veils on our minds. There was time when we had limited knowledge and this was source of satisfying mental needs. Gradual progression created several vague ways towards future. Sometimes, lack of understanding beckoned us towards decline. Limited approach ruined our immature mental abilities.

I believe that man has created unwanted needs and this has led us towards different consequences. Noticeable change is gap between human being and nature. Although we are part of nature but creation of differences made us slave of artificial things. Contemporary requirement is to realize our surrounding. We have converted our heavenly world into cage where man is directed by artificial needs. Love is diminished from society and this has become a household tool to command attractively over children. Curiosity for nature is no more significant part of our wisdom. We seek artificial glittering. As hope always remained hope, never it tried to express what holiness it has. So, hope that our intuitions would relate to suffering nature and gap between us.

The contributor is a student of the GCU Lahore. 

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  1. I agree to the facts you have mentioned in the article but growing population has tempted entrepreneurs to find the solutions of the problems faced by the society. Whenever we faced a problem/need we worked after fixing it.
    But if you are worried about perfection forget that since it is not possible in the world. You can’t kill two birds with a single stone.

  2. Nicely explained and really good to hear that others also feels the same. and really wanted see writing Irfan more often.

  3. it is obvious Ajmal, no can achieve stage of perfection or he can sanctify his soul but we should analyze our lives and surrounding.
    @aleem 🙂

  4. it is obvious Ajmal, no one can achieve stage of perfection or we can sanctify our soul but we should analyze our lives and surrounding.
    @aleem 🙂

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