Way to civil engineering

“Dreams come true when steps are taken to achieve that”. (Bo Bennett)

By Muhammad Yasir Chourbati

It was my utmost desire to become and engineer since my childhood. Mainly I was interested in civil work and architecture, beside these I was also interested in assembling of different machines and their repairing etc. In village I was personally known for my drawings, painting and sporting skills. I worked hard since my childhood to achieve my dreams and aims.

The journey to accomplish my dream start from a small school in my village named Fountain Public School Siksa in March, 1996. Two teachers were appointed by the villagers to teach us. We were three boys and three girls in the beginning class. The revolution started for the English medium courses in Chourbat valley. We were also introduced by computer and taught computer skills very first time in 1999, which was the first computer in the village and Chourbat valley.   I seek knowledge for about seven years from this school and moved to Skardu city for further studies. I got admission at the public school and college Skardu after a hard entry test in Feb, 2003. I clear my matriculation as well as the high school from the same institution. It was so hard for me to leave the college because I got all the skills, expertise about the science and was well informed about the modern era from this institution. Finally I left the high school in 2010 after the board exam.

After clearing the two initial levels with good grades it was time to specify my aim. I specified my aim as civil engineering and applied for different institutions all over the Pakistan to get admission in the desired field of study. I also applied for Pakistan air force and army on my brother wish but I was rejected due to flat feet. Finally I concentrate on my initial aim, due to the shortage of civil engineering seats in the institutions I didn’t get admission in any public sector institution. Finally I apply at the SSUET to alive my dream, thus I got admission in the university in the desired field of study.

 I start my college life in Jan 21st 2011, It was a turning point for me to come closer to my aim and work hard to fulfill my aim for which I had thought twelve years before.  I prepared well and went to the college for the first time to attend the lectures. In the first class when I asked a question with the teacher she replied, it is not rocket science so questions are not accepted. In the second class the teacher glared on us and said u guys want to become engineer….   Have you checked your face in the mirror?  Finally the third teacher came in the class he advised us don’t be afraid just follow me what I will teach, the day end with a dramatic scenes. After these happening I aimed to do something myself. I followed the teachers and also explored the books of civil engineering to gain extra knowledge and clear my concept. I worked hard in all semesters to move closer to my dream thus Allah rewarded me with different scholarships, Gilgit Baltistan scholarship thrice and university scholarship for all eight semesters. I also visit the USA on global UGRAD Cultural exchange program. Now I it is time for me to kiss my aim for which I had work since my childhood. Now I am a professional Civil Engineer from SSUET at PEC.

       “Shoot for the moon. Even you miss; you’ll land among the stars.” (Les Brown)

The contributor is a designer at (EIA) Engineering Imaginative Associates, Islamabad a leading consultancy firm. Email: yasirchourbati@gmail.com

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