Young couple shot dead in Gupis, Ghizar

Gilgit: A man and his wife were shot dead inside their house today in Gupis, Ghizar.

According to sources, the attacker(s) were allegedly family members of the slain girl, who had married against the wishes of his family members in a court of law a couple of years back. The girl (S) had reportedly angered her family for marrying against their will.

The young couple reportedly had their first child two months ago.

The brutal killing of the couple has shocked the entire valley. Police have registered a case and arrested seven suspects in light of the application filed by the slain man’s father.

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  1. I am sure that even majority of the educated people must be praising the killers for taking an initiative to stop girls from marrying according to their own wishes.
    Sucide cases alo sound fishy!! Such cases suggest that the cases of suicide attempts and actually committing suicide need to be further investigated.

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