[Pictorial] The scale of destruction caused by the earthquake in Phandar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan is immense

Phandar Valley of District Ghizar, Gilgit-Baltistan, is one of the worst earthquake affected areas of Pakistan. People are living in single-fly tents, often shared by more than a dozen people, with meager food supplies, and no access to health services. The photographs below depict the situation of the people. Photographs taken by Abdul Rehman Bukhari and Munawar Hussain Nagri for Pamir Times.

Phandar (9)
A partially damaged Masjid.
Phandar (7)
The 200,000 rupees announced by the federal government for reconstruction of houses is highly insufficient
Phandar (6)
Many people were injured or killed as the roofs of their houses collapsed as a result of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake
Phandar (5)
Women, children and the elderly have to share a tent in the sub-zero temperature. There are fears that diseases might start spreading in the valleys
Phandar (4)
Building codes are unheard of in this part of the world. Majority of the houses are more than half a century old, made using local architectural technique
Phandar (3)
The valleys will soon start recieving heavy snowfall. In such a situation the people will not be able to survive in tents, with meager amounts of food, and no access to health services
Phandar (2)
Some of the houses are highly dangerous for living. The fear is that people in desperation might start using them again
Phandar (1)
Hundreds of houses in the Phandar Valley, sharing borders with Chitral, have been leveled to the ground. Tents provided by the government do not offer any resistance against the sub-zero temperature.

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