Seven photographs depicting the sufferings of the earthquake victims due to snowfall in Chitral and Ghizar (GB)

Snowfall in the mountainous areas of Gilgt-Baltistan and Chitral is adding to the miseries of the earthquake affected people, who have lost their houses, belongings, cattle pans, and stored grains and firewood. The government has provided single-file tents to the affected people, which offers little or no resistance against the severe cold weather, especially because cannot light fire inside their tents. There reports that some NGOs have distributed double-file tents, but thousands of people remain deprived, and prone to bone-chilling weather.

Tents Earthquake (2)
Children sitting at the mouth of a tent while snow falls outside. Photo: Norrul Huda
Tents Earthquake (3)
Not just houses, but cattle sheds have also been destroyed inflicting heavy losses on the cattle breeders
Tents Earthquake (1)
The Tents offer no resistance against snow.
Workers of Al-Khidmat fixing tents in Phandar Valley, Ghizar
Tents Chitral (3)
Children are among the worst victims of the cold. Photo: ELAJ
Tents Chitral (1)
Tents provided to the displaced people in the high altitude region are unlikely to help the victims. Photo: ELAJ

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  1. The government is not doing enough!! Tents?? Please… these people need proper shelters and houses, where they can live, warm up, cook and sleep. In such cse, why isn’t the army helping? Bringing supplies, rebuilding houses. Are there any collections in place to gather necessary things and clothes for people? Government officials responsible for such support should go there and spend a few days and nights in the tents.

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