First Tehsil Education Conference underway in Gulmit, Gojal Valley

Updates by Ali Ahmad and Didar Ali

GOJAL: The First Tehsil Educational Conference (TEC) started today at a local hotel here in Gulmit. The two-day event aims to provide a dialogue forum for the local educational administrators, officials, teachers, teacher educators, researchers, parents, students, community institutions, local leaders and the society at large.

A number of sessions have been planned for the two days of the event, in which experts and practitioners will review the status of education, and also make suggestions for improvement of the educational system in the region.

Speaking on the first day, District Inspector of Schools for Hunza and Nagar, Jabbar Khan informed the participants about educational facilities available in the Tehsil. He also spoke about education related development projects undertaken in the recent past, and those planned for the future. He urged all stakeholders to work together for creating a quality based education system in the region. He identified vacant posts in educational institutions, unapproved schools, land donor/providers related matters, lack of basic facilities for better monitoring system, incomplete school buildings, and court cases as some of the issues blocking educational development in the region

AkES General Manager Shah Zaman said that collaboration among all the stakeholders is vital for quality improvement. He said that by identifying and defining indicators for measuring quality of education can help the practitioners and education providers to a great extent. He also said that for ensuring quality education, parents and the society has an important role to play. He said that one cannot solely rely on schools for holistic improvement. He also highlighted the importance of working with a properly defined and understood mission and vision.

Other speakers shared different interventions undertaken by their respective departments or organizations, and also highlighted issues being faced by them, while making suggestions about improving the system. Those who spoke included Ex. DD Wafa Baig, Alwaiz Muhamamd Aslam, Sharif Khan, Nazir Ahmad Bulbul, Taj-un-Nisa, Shama Rehman, Zulfiqar Baig, Muhammad Nabi, Afzal Khan, Syed Akbar, Qasim Ali and others. Assistant Professor Sultan Ahmad and Sajjad Ahmad conducted the programme.

Earlier, AKRSP’s Ghulam Amin Beg briefed the participants about the aims and objectives of the conference. He said that the overall aim of the conference is to prepare the local institutions for the next leap in education and sensitizing the communities on changing realities of school education in a highly competitive, shrinking and interconnected world.

The specific objectives of the conference is to; i)create awareness about localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the priorities of Education For All (EFA) and apprise the participants of the policies and plans of the government and other educational providers; ii) thoroughly review the current status of education in each valley in the Tehsil; iii) share proven and innovative methods, approaches for mainstreaming market-driven, relevant skills and learning outcomes in school education in Gilgit Baltistan, as well as well cases from other regions and iv. Develop recommendations for short to medium terms.

The conference is a joint venture of a number of organizations, institutions working in the field of education, including the GB Department of Education, AKRSP, AKU-PDCN, Karakuram Area Development Organization, Central Asia Institute, Mehnaz Fatima Montessori, Rupani Foundation, Pakistan Reading Project and many others. Pamir Times is the media partner for the event.

A resolution will be passed tomorrow at the end of the conference to summarize the issues, opportunities and challenges being faced by the education sector in Tehsil Gojal.

Photographs and other details can be seen below.

The Speakers

These are photographs of some of the speakers who shared their view during the conference today. Photos By Didar Ali

Third Session

The third session of the conference’s first day has just started. The session is being chaired by Sharif Khan, President Regional Council for Hunza, and Nazir Ahmad Bulbul – both renowned educationists and community leaders.

The third session is being co-chaired by Sharif Khan and Nazir Ahmed Bulbul
The third session is being co-chaired by Sharif Khan and Nazir Ahmed Bulbul
Ex technocrat member of GBLA Mutabiat Shah among others sitting in the audience
Ex technocrat member of GBLA Mutabiat Shah among others sitting in the audience

Retired teacher and deputy director for education Mr. Wafa Baig sharing his views

Retired teacher and deputy director for education Mr. Wafa Baig sharing his views

Second Session

The second session of the event included presentations by representatives of various organizations and education providers. The session was chaired by Mr. Wafa Baig, ex deputy director of the GB Education Department.

Panelists of the second session
Panelists of the second session








First Session

The inaugural session was held this morning. The even started with recitation from the holy Quran, followed by welcome speech and thematic monologue. The session was chaired by Shah Azam, acting GM of AKES.

GEC (1)

GEC (2)

GEC (4)


GEC (6)

GEC (7)

GEC (9)

GEC (11)

GEC (13)

GEC (14)

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  1. A job well done in a right way, right time and right place. This will be a game changer for advancement of education system in upper Hunza( Gojal). Insha Allah!

  2. A great leap forward, the organizers deserve our applause. Capitalizing on the ‘Human Capital’ holds the future for the region and the learned scholars can show the path. Lets not forget that after the 2nd World War it was Professor Juran and Deming who’s advice Japan obtained and led the world in technology and management. My special thanks to Pamir Times for keeping us informed.

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