Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Tangir Valley: House of a man accused of sheltering terrorists razed to the ground

Chilas: Security officials razed the house of a man in Tangir valley to the ground for allegedly sheltering terrorists inside. The drastic step was taken after a hand grenade was lobbed yesterday on the police officials who were conducting a raid on the house. A high-value militant was reportedly sheltered inside the house.

Umar Farooq Farooqi, a Chilas based reporter, said that the high value militant named “Commander Aziz Ullah” fled from the house after lobbing a hand grenade on the raid party and opening fire on them. At least seven policemen were injured in the gunfight.

Police have arrested Tasildar, the man whose house was razed, along with his wife, on charges of supporting and abetting terrorists, and shifted them to Gilgit for interrogation.

The security forces have been conducting a massive search operation in different parts of the Diamer district to recover two SCO officials who had been kidnapped two weeks back by around a dozen gunmen.

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