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Kohistan: KPK police high-handedness, police opened aerial firing and launched baton charges on passengers of Gilgit-Baltistan en route from Gilgit to Islamabad

Chilas, December 30: KPK Police high-handedness, police opened aerial firing and launched baton charges on passengers of Gilgit-Baltistan en route from Gilgit to Islamabad.

The convoy of over 30 passenger buses and coasters were stopped and returned to Chilas where they will spend the whole night in extreme winter condition. The passengers include more than 80 women and children.

This video has been captured by a passenger from some distance and presents the chaos during the incident. Pamir Times reporter Mujeeb Ur Rehman has interviewed and interacted with the passengers before submitting the news report. All the passengers will spend the night in Chilas.

The original report in Urdu: http://urdu.pamirtimes.net/archives/26054 

Watch a video of the Incident captured by a passenger:

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  1. Prior to this I had elucidated in details that ours GBIANS’ two years are being made wasted through stopping on barriers by various police especially KPK Police. These calculations are again hereby repeated for drawing attention of competent authorities whether these are from KPK or GB or Federal Govt as well. The former text is as follows:
    ONE RESPONSE TO “چلاس: شاہراہ قراقرم پر کانوائے سسٹم ختم کرکے مستقل طور پر مسافروں کو سکیورٹی کا انتظام کیا جائے،مسافروں کا مطالبہ|PASSUTIMESاُردُو”
    1. Ali Mehr | December 15, 2015 at 11:30 am | Reply
    Really alarming and challenging for GB and KPK Government. Prior to this i had also elaborated about this serious issue. Daily 5 thousand GBIANS pass through this route and their daily 5 hours waste in stoppage and on barriers. Thus we loss 25 000 hours that becomes two years of a person and thus we also loss 60 years in a month and 720 years in a year. If we calculate the average that becomes the whole lives of 9 people at the age of 80. In short due to this barriers and convoy 9 people life spent in this convoy. CM GB and KPK is requested to take it serious and save the lives of Nine people annually where they spent on the way stoppage. It is hoped Imran Khan and PM and both CMs would be on same page to resolve this burning issue of GB.
    Ali Mehr
    Social Activist/ Social Auditor
    Danyore GB
    On 28th November 2015 I had got chance to travel by road and faced same difficulties from GB Tthelechi Chilas to KPK Thakote. I negotiated with all responsible prsonnels on barriers and shared the daily loss of our ages. Their reply was amazing that this is Pakistan and same is happening for last four years today u are conscious. Consequently I reached Islam abad 5 hours late compare to 2006 while now the roads have been metaled. This shows whether we and our government system is going towards progress or declination.
    When I read out the headings of this news that our passengers of Gb including children and females have been terrorized by KPK police. Really it is not shocking for all GBIANS and GB Govt it should be challenging and alarming and shocking for KPK and federal Govt as well because we are violating universal core values as well as human rights. Passengers and females including children are counted amongst vulnerable group and protection of their dignity and rights is foremost duty of police.
    My question is with KPK PTI leader respected Imran Khan sab and CM Pervaz Khatak sab whether this type of new Pakistan u want to make where human rights and universal core values are not honoured. We gbians do not held responsible to police but we look towards u that u have trained them on such lines to terrorized our GBIANs. U have not hurted only these passengers u have hurted all 1.5 million GBIANS as well. Please revisit on performance of your police force and stop to teasing the GBIANs. We all are a part of body and for healthy body all parts play their vital role. Our beloved country Pakistan is also like a body where GB is head of body and with out head body can not be recognized.This was also my briefing to Kohistan team( Religious leaders, senators and religious leaders) as well during their visit to GB. Glimpses are attached:

    I was very optimistic to look the pictures of both respected CMs of GB & KPK to negotiating on this issue but today’s incident dishearten me. However a well Known reformer has remarked that “despondency is sin’’ we would expect with KPK Govt, Gb Govt and federal Govt to please make our beloved Country our great leader Quaid’s Pakistan not any individual or party‘s Pakistan and take care the welfare of its people.
    Ali Mehr Social reformer GB

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