What did we learn from the lake?

Qayyum Ali Shah 

Once a mighty mountain that stood proudly and firmly, now collapsed to the river. In doing so it swept away all the people who had once been living beneath it, people who had dwelt on it, who had wandered on it and praised its beauty. The animals had grazed the pastures on the mountain top but now it had toppled down and nothing remained but a large blockade of the river. The symbol of permanence had turned its appearance like the flowing water that changed every instant. People now found a subject to talk about. Some said this had come as a punishment to the lives of those whose hearts were poisoned, who were not leading good lives and who were involved in wrong doing while others thought of it as a natural process like the earthquakes and floods that occur due to the climatic and atmospheric changes. Whatever the case was, the mound that blocked the river now formed a lake. The lake gradually increased in size and the water expanded across the area drowning houses and fertile land.

The years and years of hard work and the land that had a long history disappeared in an instant under water. But apart from what lay hidden underneath, the expansion of the water also caused the lake to become more beautiful. The water wore a veil that a tourist coming from outside did not see. He admired the beauty of the lake but remained indifferent to what it had caused to the people. The mark remained on the people of the place though. They could see their lives shift. Hindrance was caused both in travelling and in prospering. The means of travelling changed and so ferrymen came to the area. The course of life had now changed and with new ways came new opportunities. Trade that had been vital along the route opened new doors to the people. For years the people lived in this manner. Many suffered while some benefited but time passed by and as it is with humans that they strive to move forward, so they did. After years of suffering came ease when roads and tunnels through the mountain were constructed but the mountain and the lake taught us their lessons.

Nothing really is permanent like the flowing water. Time changes and situations change but we need to strive to move forward. Together, hand in hand. The lake remains and so do the marks upon the hearts and minds of people but we must not give up and struggle to move forward.

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