Whisper Truth

 Irfan Uddin

Thousands of twinkling feelings come to the valley of dreams. Even they cry around carefully chosen souls with deep ferocity. Drunken jackals are wild; they are sniffing around deadly ideas to extinguish the illuminated souls. Do not believe on the tameness of wolves. They are violent enough to strangle slumbered souls. Misery emanates from deprivation and our souls are deprived ones.  Our souls are on the edge of somewhere but nowhere amazingly. We stand as an example of mob with minds minus ideas. Religious fanaticism and lust for unseen cannot lead us to heavens, but a purified and devoted one can earn heights and devotion is to help needy society.

Those generous days, when we had very little but enough to satisfy our honest needs are gone. Now, we are in a cage of diplomacy and under modern slavery system which offer us eye catching raiment for our peculiar lives. An answer to such offers is bending necks for period they need our simplicity, bravery and honesty. Every prosperous society calculates and accumulates skills of literate people who can enable a community to develop a pathway out of chaotic situation but in our community we have oppressed our own philosophies and welcomed gloomy days into heaven like valleys. Our society is left with some classical beats and amateur dance.

Wandering between mountains and drinking sweet waters from the rivulets will not define our existence and, this is not an answer to ambiguous mountain flocks. Contemporary needs to our abject situation are humble and simple, open debate and call all parted souls together for reason. A reason which can lead us to think and to decide about generations. Whisper truth and wait for the fruit to ripe.

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