Gilgit-Baltistan Traditional Cap Day to be celebrated on 1st of September

Gilgit: The Gilgit-Baltistan Traditional Cap Day will be celebrated on the first day of September, according to a notification issued here today. The day will be celebrated to highlight the region’s cultural diversity, and heritage.

Employees of government and semi-government organizations, as well as autonomous organization, have been asked to wear traditional caps on the day, and also sport the plumage, if they can afford.

The men in Gilgit-Baltistan, and the adjacent Chitral valley and parts of Kohistan, also sport feathers (plumage) on their hats as part of tradition. However, environmentalists have warned that encouraging people to sport plumage might cause the hunting of birds at massive level, which can cause ecological imbalance.

“Synthetic plumage, like the ones used by the soldiers of Pakistan Army’s NLI Regiament, have been adopted fast by youth across the region, which needs to be encouraged and promoted, instead of indirectly encouraging shooting of birds”, said Nawaz Karim, an environmental sciences student based in Karachi.

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