AKUEB Results 2016 – Why female education matters: girls consistently make Pakistan proud!

Karachi, July 13, 2016: The Aga Khan University Examination Board has announced results for its Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certifications for the May 2016 examination session. This year, the Examination Board assessed students in 95 subjects across 23 cities in Pakistan.

“The AKU EB team congratulates all candidates for their hard work. We at AKU-EB strive to develop higher order cognitive skills such as critical thinking in our students and firmly believe that, assessment is a driving force for new ways of learning. We strive to provide access to a qualification of the highest quality to the remotest parts of the country and to marginalised groups, and we are honored to say that our hard work pays off when our students make us proud through their performance. Congratulations to all once again!” – Dr Shehzad Jeeva, Director, AKU EB.

The overall passing rate for SSC Part I has been 85.5 per cent with 46.7 per cent of candidates scoring ‘A’ grade and above. Meanwhile, the overall passing rate for SSC Part II was 88.8 per cent with 55.6 per cent of candidates obtaining ‘A’ grade and above.

Alina Fatima from the Al-Murtaza School, Karachi and Hira Naz from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh (Chitral, KPK) scored 93.36 per cent and secured the first position for the Secondary School Certification (SSC). Alina also gained the second position in the elective subjects of the Science Group along with Ali Mehdi from IBA Community College, Khairpur.

“Although I was expecting good grades but it is really exciting to be an AKU EB position holder from a remote area like Lutkoh, Chitral. I am aware that it is a challenge for females to get good education but I would like to thank my parents for their support and efforts. In the AKU EB system we learn how to apply our learning in daily life which makes us confident about our knowledge. In the future I want to be a Neurologist. I am also eager to do philanthropic work in under privileged areas of country.” – Hira Naz.

“The performance of my student Hira Naz has doubled my self-confidence, confidence on my team, students and parents. We highly appreciate the support and coordination from AKU EB in every aspect. The trainings provided by AKU EB are of high quality and prepare teachers for a higher level of teaching and learning.”- Bibi Sultana, Principal, Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh (Chitral).

“AKU EB has made wonderful efforts in raising the quality of education and assessment across the country. Getting the overall first position in SSC at the country level is a great achievement by Hira Naz which has made the Chitral proud. This is a great milestone achieved by a talented student form the remote area of Lutkoh, Chitral.” – Dr Inayatullah Faizi, an Educationist and Writer.

Ruhaina Nadeem from Nasra School (Malir Campus) secured the second position for SSC with a score of 93.18 per cent. Shehla Tanveer from Maryam Siddiqa Girls Higher Secondary School, Chenab Nagar (Punjab) and Maryam Ihsan from Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls High School, Chanab Nagar (Pubjab), scored the third position in SSC with a score of 92.6 per cent. Maryam also gained first position in the elective subjects of the Science Group.

Komal Fatima from Habib Girls’ School, Karachi, secured the first position in elective subjects of the Humanities Group secured first position in the electives of the SSC Science Group.

“I congratulate the entire AKU EB team for their efforts in preparing our youth for a better tomorrow. The guidance and professional support provided by them to the teachers across disciplines is promoting a focused and meaningful teaching learning context. I would also like to congratulate the Class of 2016, their parents and teachers on the outstanding performance in AKU-EB’s SSC 2016 Examinations.” – Tasneem Shabbar Zaidi, Director, Al Murtaza School Network, Karachi.

The first position in the Higher Secondary School Certification (HSSC) has been secured by Areej Al Medinah from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi. She did not only achieve the overall first position in HSSC with 91.63 per cent but also gained second position in the elective subjects of the Pre-Engineering group.

“Gaining an education as a part of AKU EB was a challenge in itself, but never a difficulty. With AKU EB’s application, understanding and knowledge scheme discouraging the route system, we have been successfully instilled with the ability to comprehend and tackle real life problems and issues. I am delighted to see females dominating the positions this year as well. We are definitely well prepared for higher education and for the betterment of Pakistan” – Areej Al Medinah.

The second position holder for HSSC, Areeba Muhammad scored 91.36 per cent. She also gained the first position in the elective subjects of the Pre-Engineering Group. Fatima Muhammad Asad from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi secured the overall third position in HSSC with a score of 91.27 per cent. She also stood third in the Pre-Medical elective subjects.

HSSC group-wise position holders for elective subjects include Duaa Ahmed from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karimabad, Karachi and Mohammad Ghazanfar Sakrani from Habib Public School (Commerce), Areeba Altaf from Habib Girls School (Humanities), Abdul Manan from Nasir Higher Secondary School, Chenab Nagar (General Science) and Simran Kumari from Habib Girls School (Pre-Medical).

“Establishment of Higher Secondary Schools and introduction of AKU EB has set a new milestone in the AKES,P journey. The quality of secondary school graduates from AKU EB has been a real source of satisfaction and confidence for communities across Pakistan.” – Aien Shah, Head of Academics, Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan.

This year the passing rate for HSSC Part I is 86.6 per cent with 45.1 per cent candidates scoring ‘A’ grade and above. The passing rate for HSSC Part II is 84.5 per cent with 47.5 per cent candidates obtaining ‘A’ Grade and above.

“It is a well-known fact that assessment drives learning. The desired goal of education globally is the development of learners’ knowledge and skills to prepare them for the future and make them effective members of their society. Assessment practices introduced by AKU EB aims to re-frame the current scenario that also contributes to the development of global citizens for Pakistan.” – Dr Naveed Yusuf, Associate Director Assessments, AKU EB.

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