Neglecting Gilgit-Batlistan in CPEC projects against national interest, Senators

Gilgit: The Senate of Pakistan’s CPEC committee members have said that it is not in the country’s interest to neglect Gilgit-Baltistan in the 44 bn dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. They have said that there’s resentment in the region against the attitude of the federal government, because the people feel left. Concrete steps are needed to address the concerns of the people and include them in the short and long term benefits of the mega project, they added.

The Senators made this statement while talking to the media at the Gilgit airport at the tail of their four-day visit to the region during which they interacted with a large number of people, including political leaders, civil society members, government officials and representatives of the business community.

Senator Taj Haider, who was heading the eight member committee, said that it is imperative for the security of CPEC to take the communities on board and share the benefits with them. He said that the region is peaceful but if the concerns of the people are not addressed then the situation can change.

He said that there’s a need to find a solution for the constitutional problem of the region. He said that the people of the region want representation in the national parliament. He said that a solution can be found to make the region’s representatives part of the decision-making bodies at the national level. “In principle”, he added, “the region can be made the fifth province of Pakistan.”

Senator Kakar, who was part of the committee, deplored the attitude of the region’s elected leaders and chief secretary. He said that they will ask the Senate to take action against the Chief Secretary for not meeting the committee members. He also said that Gilgit-Batlistan is not being treated fairly, and that there’s a growing sense of deprivation in the region.

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  1. It is most disturbing, that in none of the articles written since the Senate CPEC Committee’s visit to GB there has been no mention of the massive cracks in Miacher, Pheker and Chaprote etc. The recent blockages of the KKH along the Hunza River should have given a warning signal. But all is quiet again, similar to Attabad, where the cracks too were totally ignored.
    A personal experience at Ghulmit exposed me to the absolute carelessness of the Federal and Provincia Government as well as all the international funded NGOs or is it IGNORANCE? Above the plateau dense Seabuckthorn forests were removed some 16 years ago and potatoes planted. Pheker and Miachar had similar terrain and today the hazards faced by the people are welknown.
    China is exporting 120 different products of Seabuckthorn to the Western World. It has stabilised dangerous slopes, revived springs, thus providing water for low lying lands and above all it brought people who had to migrate to the cities back again. wake up, people of GB

    1. they are not masons to repair it, You have a lot space in Jutal, Why don`t shift inhibitabts there?

    2. helga, Do u really think that apricot tree roots could hold millions ton of stones??or you think its shoots could have done some thing.

  2. We would expect with CPEC honourable members to forward their recommendations to senate on the following two points:
    1. Constitutional right of GB
    2. Due share of GB in CPEC

    If u convince the senate on these points and rationalize it in the context of Gb and in views of GB people, It would be your great contribution indeed for GB. CM sab and his team also should play their role on these two main issues to shifting the paradigm of GB and all types of leaders should also extend their full support regard less of cast, colour and party affiliation.All need to be on same page in the larger interest of GB and pakistan.
    We appreciate and salute all those individuals and groups who talk on peace and common development of whole GB. Today CM sab and deputy speaker has remarked in daily news about completion of pending projects of former Govt. We will be interested to public this district-wise list and its cost as well. The people of GB would practically observe that this is delivery. All we need to reflect on our own activities and be on same page for GB development. In my opinion present Govt is working thousand time better compare to former Government but there is always room for improvement and present Govt. should take on board all leadership in the larger interest of Gb and make GB real welfare zone.

    1. Sir, They are here to Enjoy good weather, They are no one to decie on Cpec, Only Shareefs can do

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