Baba Ghundi Festival held in Chipursan Valley, Gojal

Gojal, October 1: The two-day Baba Ghundi Festival was held in Chipursan Valley of District Hunza, close to the Pak-Afghan border. Players, artists and traders from the Wakhan District of Afghanistan and the Chipursan Valley and adjacent areas participated in the festival.

The festival is organized every year by the Chipursan Local Support Organization with the support of AKRSP and the GB Ministry of Tourism. Music, dance, traditional sports and barter trade are hallmarks of the festival held more than 14,000 feet above the sea level.

The festival is attributed to the Baba of Ghund, a Sufi saint and preacher, who is believed to be buried in the area.

A match of Buzkashi is underway during the festival. Photo: Farman Karim Baig/PAMIRTIMES
A match of polo in progress. Photo: Farman Karim Baig/PAMIRTIMES
Local artists present a welcome song during the festival. Photo: Farman Karim Baig/PAMIRTIMES

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