Hunza: Chinese tourists travel on horses from Sost to Karimabad to promote tourism

Hunza: A group of 15 Chinese tourists reached Karimabad from Sost-Gojal on horses, covering a distance of almost 90 kilometers. Sost is Gilgit-Baltistan’s border town, in the north of Pakistan.

The Chinese tour operator said that they want to promote horse-riding and polo in the Hunza region, contributing to the region’s tourism-based economy.

Every year tens of thousands of Chinese tourists come to the 15,500 ft high Khunjerav Pass. Allowing those Chinese tourists to visit Gilgit-Baltistan can help boost the region’s economy significantly. In the past tour operators and hoteliers have been demanding that the Chinese tourists be issued passes to visit GB.

The horse-riding tour was organized by a local company ‘North Pakistan’ and a Chinese tour operator.

Photos: Asghar Khan






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