Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Meet the daredevil driver who traveled 60kms in reverse gear from Passu to Shimshal

Gojal: The road to Shimshal is full of all kind of dangers. It is narrow, winding, very high above the Shimshal River and unpaved. For all these reasons the Shimshal road is considered go be very dangerous. The drivers moving passengers and luggage everyday from Passu to Shimshal, covering a distance of 60 kilometers, are highly skilled, but still they drive very carefully, to avoid any calamity. If the vehicle goes off the road, deaths are imminent.

Nevertheless, a very strange thing happened this Sunday. Mirza Aman, a driver from Shimshal, made history by driving his vehicle in reverse gear from Tupopdon (Passu) to Shimshal. Driving backwards on this road is not a normal feat. It requires nerves of steel and exceptional driving skills. Mirza Aman has both. He covered the distance in four and a half hours.

When he reached Shimshal in reverse gear, the locals stood at the entrance of the village to welcome him, awe-inspired by the unbelievable task.

These photographs by Ali Ahmad show Mirza Aman’s reverse journey to Shimshal.

The road is dangerous
A small mistake on this road means a major disaster
The reverse journey continues
A relatively easier part of the road
The narrow Shimshal gorge
And the resounding welcome by the locals on completion of the reverse journey 

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