Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Man sentenced to death for honor-killing

Gilgit: Additional session judge Khursheed Ahmad on Tuesday sentenced a man to death and another to life-imprisonment. The two convicts had last year killed a young man and woman on suspicion of having illicit relationships.

According to details, Syed Amir Shah and Syed Sher Abbas in June 2015 killed a boy and a girl in an ‘honor’ related incidents, suspecting illicit relationships between the two.

Cases had also been registered against Syed Amir Shah and Sher Abbas for illegal possession of banned weapons. They will each spend three years in prison for carrying illegal weapons.

Another man Iftikhar Hussain arrested on suspicion in this case had been set free by the court.

The convicts can appeal against the decision in the higher courts.

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