Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Man killed in an unprecedented act of gun violence in Karimabad, Hunza

Photograph of the car that was attacked

KARIMABAD: In an unprecedented act of violence, a man was shot dead and another was injured after shots were fired on a parked car in Boronghsal area of Karimabad, Hunza. The registration number of the car has been reported as NCP 01-2880, Gilgit. 

The deceased man has been identified as Habib Jan, govt collage lecturer by profession, and a resident of Karimabad. The injured individual has been identified as Rahat Karim, also a resident of Karimabad.

Rahat is reportedly in stable condition and under treatment.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday night, at around 7:30pm.

The circumstances leading to the rare act of gun violence remain unknown, as of now. The assailant has also not been identified. Police has started investigation to ascertain facts.

Gun related violence is almost unheard of in Hunza. The horrific violent incident has sent shockwaves throughout the district.

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