Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Second Innocence

Mudabbir Ali

Deep down in every crisis either social, political or economical there exist a law under which it appears before our eyes and effects our lives, but being ignorant of the fact (innocence) we think as if these situations were  inevitable, while some take a step ahead and say it was destined, we had to face it after all. We convince ourselves to blame all of us for the descendent misery from high spirits, which in other words convey the message that none of us is responsible, thus we carry no burden on our shoulders.  The other side of our innocence is we don’t know that we know nothing.  We have unconsciously submitted ourselves to the will of few people in the society, they take decisions for us, not taking our say in account, and ironically it doesn’t leave any difference in our life. Our life goes on…

Retrieving to the law which works for the sustainability of these systems underneath, we understand that it is a law of making people conformists to the dominant ideology, it teaches not to ask questions nor to doubt the authority. It makes people believe that there exist no other possibility but the one in hand, so we loss the hope of having an alternate system. It makes us obliged to our bosses, no matter how much they are corrupt morally and legally. This all ends up creating in our first innocence we are living in. In our ignorance and having the blessing of our first innocence we first of all don’t know why this piles of debris around, should be clean? And if by any chance few among “innocent people” get to realize dangers perpetuating in this system, with an awe to get rid of them, but fail to connect with other people who are suffering from it and start building a momentum over it.

It would be fallacious to claim that we have reached to the next step in the evolutionary process unless we break our first innocence, for which knowing flaws of the existing system are indispensable. Fortunately or unfortunately system is manifesting its faults time and again, so we have not to struggle in this regard. As it works, its oppressive and exploitative nature becomes more and more evident. Still it would not be easy to resurrect our collectively identity or to create our second innocence because it would be challenging position of those in power, who set trends for us. We will question their policies, we will decide collectively what best suits for us, and our lives will not be at disposal of few peoples’ will, we will be taking part in politics despite all odds which are associated to it. There is no doubt that it is as much difficult as it seems easy while saying but we have to have this second innocence at any cost.

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