Attabad Incident: Court acquits 8 activists in unlawful assembly case

Hunza: The civil court Hunza on Wednesday acquitted 8 activists who were facing charges of facilitating unlawful assembly, blocking road and protesting against governments’ inaction on 4th April 2010,   after 4  months of the Attababd disaster.

Among the activists acquitted were Niyatullah, Ghulam Abbas, Salman Ali,  Saifullah, Himayat Karim, Rehan Shah, Ghulam Baqir and Aziz Mohammad .

Judge Dilshad Haideri said the prosecution failed to provide proof against those charged and ruled that all the accused are acquitted.

Zahoor Karim Advocate, President PPP Hunza and Jalal Advocate represented the accused in this case.

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  1. The Administration was infact alreqdy guilty as it never undertook mitigating measures to prevent this disaster. The cracks have already been known since 1992 and nothing was done.

    Presently Geological Survey of Pakistan has issued two reports in 2014 and 2015 of new hazards looming above the KKH and what is done? 500 more water channels are dug to irrigate 50 thousand acres of fragile land under the IFAD project. So again we leave it in the Hands of Allah.

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