Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Teachers says he was assaulted for stopping students from cheating in exams

Gilgit: A teacher named Mirza Hussain has reportedly been assaulted and beaten by a group of students for stopping one of their companions from cheating.

According to details, intermediate level exams were underway at a college in Danyore Town, when Hussain, who was an invigilator, saw a student cheating. He reportedly asked the student to stop cheating. On this the student reportedly stepped out of the hall and later with the help of his friends assaulted the teacher, who sustained some injuries, and had to be taken to a hospital for first aid.

Police has been registered a case and according to some reports the offenders have been arrested.

2 thoughts on “Teachers says he was assaulted for stopping students from cheating in exams

  1. Really alarming and challenging for all educational providers of GB.
    Need to take serious action against such college and students as well.All we need to eradicate this cheating curse from all institutions.Now a days peole think that getting degrees or scoring high marks is an indicator of calling educated.Actually we have forgetten the moral and social growth is our obligation but we have completely neglected it that is why we can not produce members of civilized soociety. All institution heads need to revisit and review the daily routines where the teachers fufill the requirements of their students or not.

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