We Live In Two Worlds; Facebook and Earth

By Waseem Akram

We live in two worlds; Facebook and Earth. Both are quite different from each other in terms of living and behaving styles. We behave different in different ways in both worlds.

I know that the people are living and connecting with each other in the both worlds, but their faces, their behavior, and their ethics are opposite of each other; people living in the Facebook are, or pretend to be, very polished and always behaving softly,  full of soft, sweet, loving and wishing words, but in real life things are quite the opposite.

On Facebook everyone is human being, but in Allah’s real world they are worst than animals. They don’t have any ethics; they are always ready to hurt someone for no reason. Their faces are not glowing in the real life, like on Facebook, and they even don’t know how to love and how to spread love in this hateful society.

Some people on Earth are very hurting and having stone hearts, they are feeling less, but in Facebook they are spreading love in multiple and beautiful styles. They become the true ambassadors of love and positive moral ethics. Is that not hypocrisy? Yes, it is.

Such human beings, with dual faces, must be ashamed; they are the dual-natured and are deceiving innocent people with their deceptively magical words of love and care on Facebook. If we do the same practices of spreading love, care and happiness in real life, like we do on Facebook, then we can mold our society from dark to light.

I am appealing to all of you to start a campaign to spread sense of affection, loyalty, and happiness throughout both the worlds, equally.

Delete the word hate from your life and make this world a happier place to live.

The contributor is a Media & Communications student at KIU, Giglit.                           

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