HELLO…This is Nature with something More

Azra Nisar

Tending to have a keen interest with an attitude on face, sitting on a soft chair gracefully, have attended various people with mental and personal problems. Some are still there in a tiny waiting room trying to fix themselves by making abnormal body poses. A warm air is successfully beating air conditioner, and the door is crying for rest. This complex scenario could be witnessed in a counselor’s working place.

Now let’s visit another place, which could give you more quick and easy ways to achieve quality of life. This is a place which articulately opens your mind with power, conviction, and feeling. It is worthy gift, eloquently communicated by God. This locale is known as “NATURE”. But seldom have we paid a thorough visit to it, beside it does not take our energy or car fuel. Each part of it shows the intrinsic relationship between nature and our lives. The symbols are rooted in our body, our senses, and our mind. Gracefully flowing water gives the impression of its dignity and power, flying birds augmenting the beauty by singing in a quirky shrill voice conveys the principle of thankfulness and gratitude. High trees gazing at the calm sky, depicts the length of thoughts, shadows of the small plants making dresses of little queer in itself give new horizons of life, and a gentle cool breeze finding its way through the pores of our skin to our soul, furnishes us with hope.

So, if we can have same rather better and meaningful teachings than attending a formal discussion, what would you prefer? Do you prefer to solve your mysteries in your home garden or in a sophisticated office?

Pen ultimately, there are more than above valuable reasons. Nature beautifully validates durable truth being a mouthpiece of divine intervention. It connects us with mood of joy, energy, lightness, and gaiety. It is a process and should be treated as such.

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