Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

5,650kg waste collected from K2-Baltoro

SKARDU (PR): Waste management along the glaciers and the towering and majestic mountains including K2 and Baltoro of wilderness has always been a serious challenge both for the government and private sector. With the financial support from Moncler, EvK2CNR is carrying out cleanup since 2013 whereby collected tons of waste from K2, GI, GII, Broad Peak, Concordia and Baltoro glacier. However, EvK2CNR begin to manage the waste in this tough terrain in 2009 with the support from Govt of Italy.

In 2017, 2,000 Kgs of solid waste was collected and transported whereas 3,650 kg human waste collected and transported from K2, GI, GII, Broad Peak, Concordia and Baltoro glacier. The solid wastes were brought to Askole where an incinerator has been installed in 2006. It has incinerated tons of solid waste in the past nine years. Moreover the human waste was transported and buried in Paju. The cleanup began in early June and ended up in September. The directorate of Central Karakoram National Park also participated in this cleanup campaign. This is the time when these mountains and glaciers receive thousands of tourists who leave behind waste causing serious threats to the environment.

Moncler has a great deal of contribution in keeping these magnificent mountains and large glaciers clean. It has helped to spread a very positive image of these areas with proper waste management and cleanliness. Furthermore, these glaciers are the basic source of water for thousands of people living in down streams who use it for drinking and cooking. Polluted water flowing down can cause many diseases in these communities.



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