Photographs of Search and Rescue Operation in Ultar, Hunza


Hunza: Rescue efforts continued for two days in Ultar Meadow, where a massive landslide buried a hamlet. Three people have gone missing after the landslide, while two have survived miraculously and they have been rescued to safety. The missing people have been identified as Arsalan Mushtaq (Lahore), Ilhan Baig (Altit) and Mamal Baig (Altit).

The Ultar Meadow is located in the middle of a narrow valley, near the Ultar glacier, on a high mountain. Only trekkers, tourists, local hunters and shepherds go to the meadow during the spring and summer time.

Since the landslide incident, hundreds of the locals have came out to support the district administration’s search and rescue efforts. Using spades, levers and other handheld tools, the locals are digging through the avalanche debris to trace the three missing people, including a youth from Lahore.

These photographs have been taken by Islam Shah, a local, who went to meadow to participate in the search and rescue operation.

Local volunteers and officials moving to the disaster site
Landslide debris being dug to trace the missing people
The area is difficult to reach and dangerous
Under the grey debris is the Ultar meadow
A view of the glacier after the landslide

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