Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Illiteracy: Pakistan’s Biggest Problem


By Muaaz Ahmad

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” (Daniel J. Boorstin)

A country is like a home. Its people are like the members of the family. People are recognized by their neighbors as to how much civilized they are. The more peaceful they are, the more they are liked by the society.

Education is the basic requirement for the progress of any country in the world. Before i start my explanation lets just take a look at a wonderful example. Canada which is considered as the most educated country in the world faces very less or almost none poverty,crimes,terrorism,war threats,Water or sanitation problem, Agriculture problem, hatred by other countries etc.  So why is that ?

Today the education rate in Pakistan is 58%. This education rate is the least in South Asia. Pakistan is facing numerous problems. But the people of Pakistan being less educated do not care for the problems and consider them as a political fault.

A very big example is the sanitation problem in Sindh. The people keep protesting against the Government for such problems but do not realize that all this mess was created because of them.

Today, due to less education our people have lost senses. They have forgotten to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Our people support the most corrupt politicians even though they themselves know about all but they try to make themselves superior. Our people have forgotten the Islamic teachings. They do not realize whats right for them and what is wrong.

Some of the problems arising due to less education are:

  • Corruption: do we realize how corruption causes a collapse in our economy ?
  • Theft: do we realize how stealing may lead to trust deficit.
  • Terrorism: do we realize how the uneducated people are being brainwashed to stand up against their own people ?
  • Poor politics: do we realize that without proper research giving away votes may damage our politics ?
  • Poor economic growth: do we realize how poor politics may lead to poor economic growth ?
  • Unemployment: do we realize no education will lead to unemployment ?
  • Bad behaviors: do we realize how less education will make us forget our manners ?
  • Child labor: Do we realize how less education will cause little children to work on the streets to earn a living ?
  • Beggars: do we realize how unemployment may lead to increasing no. Of beggars in the country ?
  • Disunity: do we realize how less education will drive the people of Pakistan apart ?

The answer to all is NO. The people of Pakistan do come out on the streets against the Government for many reasons, but do they come out against the Government because of less education standards in the country ? No is the answer, again.

Today we do not have enough universities or colleges. Our govt. Schools are disheveled . People prefer private schools. Yes our government is being lazy by not focusing on the declining education system of Pakistan.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance” (Derek Bok)

 No country can ever progress if its people are not educated.

I hope for a better future for our country.

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