Professor Kamensky, renowned scholar of Wakhi and other Pamiri langues, has passed away


New York: Renowned Russian scholar, Ivan Steblin Kamensky has passed away. He was the Chief scientific researcher of the Institute for Linguistics, and a fellow of the Russian Academy of sciences. He had published more than 180 scientific treaties, among them several books, including first translations of Avesta into Russian as separate volumes.

His work on Wakhi language, Ethymological Dictionary of the Wakhi Language, is of paramount importance for the preservation and progress of Wakhi, a language spoken in different areas around the Pamir mountains.

He wrote extensively about Wakhi language. His other publication was La langue Wakhi, written jointly with Professor A. L. Grünberg.

Wakhi speakers living in different parts of the world are paying homage to Kamensky for his important work on the language, which is now considered to be endangered.


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