Sun. May 31st, 2020

A Eulogy: In the unforgettable memory of Zafar Shakir

Rehan Khan

Zafar Shakir

Assuming an outstandingly radiant smile on his face, displaying an exquisitely unique taste for dress-code, and emitting a palpable aura of personal conviction, Zafar Shakir was an epitome of excellence in the conduct of his life. He liberally possessed an alluringly enchanting disposition remarkable for its spell to gravitate scores of people towards its effective range of commanding influence. Industrious at work, brimmed with unrelenting empathy and unfathomable sympathy, and committed passionately in his academic pursuits, he was always painstakingly engaged in the dissemination of noetic knowledge and engrossed in the proselytization of his sagacious vision for the world. Equipped with a range of skills geared towards the refinement of his character, Zafar Shakir also had in his repertoire a gripping ability to impress satisfactorily upon people his presence of being by virtue of igniting vitality gushing out of the mould of his illustrious personality.

Adept at exhibiting oratory prowess and proficient at logical articulation, Zafar wielded an immaculate command over his mode of speech. He could at ease press into service an array of techniques in the conveyance of his message. Dipped half in fluency and half in lucidity, his voice carried a magnetic tone with a resoundingly indelible effect upon the ears of its listeners. The rise and fall, the fluctuation, and the consistency in his intonation were all under the sway of his tongue. The beat in the string of his vocals had a rhythmic surge of melody spreading all-around in the environs a colorful rainbow of exuberance. His peculiar flair in forensics often overshadowed his intensely powerful proclivity towards intellectual undertakings. He had acquired by dent of his perseverance, resolution, and assiduity an advanced cognitive faculty of unswerving reasoning to distill, imbibe, and extract a vast mass of discrete information and process it into a logically refined postulation for presentation. Zafar Shakir was a classic embodiment of artistic majesty in the performance of his vocal abilities.

Gregarious to the hilt and convivial to the core, he espoused an accommodating character noted for its sociability, affability, and cordiality The threads of amiability emanating from his disposition span around itself a wide range of social fabric; all together tied around an impregnable knot of intimacy. A broad web of people representing different walks of life wove itself around his energy-emitting life. The social fabric representative of diverse backgrounds and the broad web of people reflective of multitudinous mindsets converged together in the vastness of his interactive tapestry to define the broader canvas of his multi-pronged life. He had an unassuming personality unencumbered by the trappings of formalism. His penchant for always being surrounded by his friends testified to the bulging vivacity of his life. He was a paragon of companionship who was completely inebriated in love of his endeared ones.

Intellectually stimulating, sapientially coruscating, and gnostically enlightening, he summoned into use every ounce of his effort to ignite a raging fire of quest for the acquisition of spiritual gratification. Driven by the craving for the attainment of experiential disclosure, he forcefully propelled himself into rigorously absorbing exercises of esoteric vivification. He showcased exceeding brilliance in mastering philosophical argumentation, dialectical reasoning, gnostic unveiling, and sapiential ratiocination. His unfaltering yearning for the assimilation of knowledge through persistent engagement with academic literature became the catalyst for his incessant commute. A wave of surging urge to seek out for knowledge and an energetic burst of appetite for the acquisition of higher education characterized the greater part of his life. He was an unmistakable insignia of conviction, steadfastness, and vigour in his pursuit of academic excellence. 

Zafar Shakir was a star of an immense glow with a promise to shine profusely in the galaxy of his own creation for ages, but untimely span out of its orbit only to disappear forever; leaving behind a world plunged in complete shock, dejection, and despondency. His death marked the end of an intriguing novel of life characterized by the richness of its substance, originality of ideas, and diversity of characters, but also distinguished for the brevity of its content. He was an impersonation of a being peerless in erudition, nonpareil in resolution, and solidly dogged in conviction. Every time my mind inadvertently tends to project his face reminiscent of undying innocence upon the screen of my consciousness, I am jolted back to the realization that a man full of his sense of being, has been consigned to the deadening earth of unforgivingly lifeless grave for good. I have not only lost him after his demise, but have also lost a part of myself. The verve, ebullience, and the effervescence of action coupled with the flamboyance, elan, and brio of deportment built into the spiritual edifice, skeletal frame, and the muscular make-up of Zafar Shakir ultimately succumbed to the yawning vortex of death, I resignedly remind myself in the stark wakefulness of my thought. 

The contributor is a graduate of New York University where he has majored in History and Philosophy.

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