Ahmedabad road construction: Progressing at Snail’s Pace

By Ghulam Karim

The value of properly maintained land routes is utmost, no matter where ever we live on this planet. These land routes are important because they are the reason that we can access many facilities in our daily lives such as schools, the workplace, hospitals, etc.
The community of Ahmedabad, Hunza is solely dependent on the village’s only land route to access many of such facilities from other regions of Hunza like Karimabad and Aliabad. But for the last many months their journey on this route has been very challenging. It has been more than twenty months, since when the Thaykeydaar (the person in charge) under the supervision of PWD started the work of repairing this route. After all this time, the travel experience of people on this route has gotten worse instead of getting better. The community is getting badly affected in several ways:
* Students who travel on this road daily to reach and then get back from their educational institutions are getting affected the most as they are reaching late to their institutions and their homes. This is also affecting their education by consuming extra time during traveling and is also draining their mental and physical energies.
* Patients who must be brought to hospitals within half an hour are reaching two to three hours late. You can imagine how bad can things go for a patient in this situation.
* In emergencies, if you try to book taxies to or from Ahmedabad, you are disappointed as the Taxi drivers would not drive their taxies on this route because of its current condition.
* The public transporters have increased their fares and are charging around Rs.80 per individual for transporting them from Ahmedabad to Aliabad or the other way around while the rate fixed by the government is Rs.55. Why? Because of the road condition.
Only three laborers are working on this 5 km route, rendering it an extremely slow rate of progress. The person (Thaikeydaar) who is in charge of this project is invisible.
Therefore, keeping all these facts on the table, we, on behalf of every person of Ahmedabad, request the responsible authorities to kindly look into this matter urgently and fasten the work progress, for this is putting so many crucial things on stake. In some segments of the route where the work of repairing has been done, we request that those segments be properly taken care of as there lie number of small rock pieces here and there on those route segments.
We also urge people to kindly share this post more and more and urge the authorities to take proper steps regarding this matter.

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