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Chitral’s CoVID-19 tally reaches 4

CHITRAL: Three new cases of Coronavirus were confirmed by the district administration of Chitral on Monday.

The first case of the district was reported on Sunday, which created panic in the mountainous region, with the administration tightening the ‘lockdown’.

The three new cases were reported from different parts of the Chitral region, which was recently bifurcated into two separate districts, namely Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral. All four of the cases, so far, have been reported in the Lower Chitral region, which borders with the Upper Dir districts of KP.

Local online newspaper, Chitral Today, has identified the patients as Shams Akber, age 44, Rehmatullah, 63 and Sher Nawaz, 25. 

There are reports that all four affected individuals had traveled to the district from different parts of the country recently. 

Until Sunday, Chitral was considered to be a CoVID-19-Free district.

The three individuals who tested positive were already quarantined.

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