Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Five members of a family missing after vehicle falls in a river near Gilgit city

Gilgit: Rescue workers are searching for the missing passengers, after a vehicle (Potohar Jeep) fell in the Gilgit river. Photo Courtesy: Karim Shah Nizari

GILGIT: Five members of a family are missing after a vehicle they were traveling in fell in the Ghizer River near Henzal, at the peripheries of Gilgit city.

According to reports, Amir Ali, who was a teacher, was traveling with six members of his family from Sher Qila town of Ghizer to celebrate Eid when his vehicle met a tragic accident and fell in the river near Henzal.

Rescue workers were able to recover the body of a girl-child, while a woman was also recovered alive from the raging river.

Amir Ali, a female passenger and three children are reported missing.

Amir Ali belonged to Hussain abad village of Hunza. He was settled in Gilgit.

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