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Attabad Spillway opening date extended to February 27

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Hunza, February 16: The Attabad spillway will be opened on February 27. According to Hunza – Nagar district administration the date has been extended in view of the fact that currently the amount of water inflow and outflow are equal, so there is no net increase in the level of lake in upstream areas.

Water is continuously seeping through the barrier

Despite of construction of a barrier on the spillway the flow of water was not completely stopped, as some water kept seeping through the the barrier. It has now been measured that the total inflow and the current outflow are equal so keeping the temporary blockade intact may not lead to any disaster in the upstream areas, according to an official of the district administration.

It is pertinent to note that already two deadlines for opening of the spillway have been cancelled. The first deadline was set for 15 February, which was extended to the 18th and now it has again been extended by 8 days, to February 27. The extension will enable FWO workers to carry out more excavation work on the spillway, the district official told Pamir Times.

The amount of water released from the lake may also exceed 50,000 Cusecs, according to different sources, in which case the flooding is likely to be more. Different organizations, including GBDMA, FOCUS and Pakistan Red Crescent Society have started preparations to tackle any emergency situation.

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  1. Delaying tactics we have already commented on FWO’s tortoise pace work. Why it is not given to CBRC?

  2. A neew proverb used by someone that “It is now a Steelway not a spillway”. It is true.

    Now we all should understand the tactics of FWO and that is “look busy do nothing”

  3. Jab taak FWO wahan kaam kar raha hai tab taak koi chances nahi hai spill way expend karne ka…..
    better to handover the rest of work to CRBC,

  4. USA doesn’t want to open the KKH that is why it is not given to CBRC and political leaders of GB are just like pipits and the rope is not in their hands.

  5. It’s really amazing for a Nuclear state, that they are not able to remove the debris.. (OVER TWO YEARS)?
    lets think for the better

  6. FOCUS has activated it’s volunteer CERT ,SART and have adviced the villagers to be cautious.The GBDMA is also coordinating.
    Early Warning Systems have been tested by FOCUS and are ready.

    Snow and cold weather are also partly causing the delay

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