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Girl Guides learn about nutrition and the importance of selfcare for women

HUNZA: (PR) Social Services Medical Centre Gilgit and Social Welfare Department Gilgit Baltistan organized a two-days workshop for girl guides (age group of 18-22) in Hunza District from 29th to 30th May 2021.The first session was organized at Gulmit Gojal on 29th June, 2021 and the second session was conducted at Sost Gojal on 30th May,2021. These workshops were organized in coordination with Girl Guide Association District Hunza. Almost, five participants from each village of Gojal Hunza participated in the program.

Social Welfare Officer Mrs. Shadia introduced the Social Welfare Department and its service to the audience. Moreover, she briefed them about the theme of the session which was ‘Nutrition and Self-Care of Women’.

Later, Mrs. Sabrina Aziz, an educationist and motivational speaker, addressed the audience about the importance of nutrition and self-care , with a focus on women.

The participants, working in groups, discussed various themes, including stressors, things they can’t share with others, sources of happiness, and things they would want to change in their lives.

After detailed discussions in groups some issues regarding self-care and nutrition were highlighted by the participants through their group presentations. According to the participants, some common issues regarding ignorance of self-care were house chores burden, time management issues, stress on minor issues, unnecessary usage of social media/mobile phones, lack of awareness sessions, financial issues and domestic problems for women and so on.

These points were thoroughly explained by the facilitator Mrs. Sabrina Aziz with the participants and recommended some fruitful suggestions to overcome these issues which are discussed below:

“Importance of Nutrition”

Mrs. Sabrina highlighted that health issue is a common problem to many women in our area. She said, most of the time woman gets busy with house chores and maternal care. For instance, only women are responsible to make food and serve for the whole family. However, no other family member cares whether she does consume her food properly or gets time for her self-care because women are considered accountable for house chores only.

In addition, Mrs. Sabrina listed down some healthy organic foods which can be easily available at our homes such as dairy products, vegetables and fruits. She asserted that, women do not intake properly such foods even though their availability at home. The second point she noticed that male members of the family are given more Importance as they are considered earner and food supplier. However, such importance is not given to females even though working women as they are only thought to be responsible for serving food to the family including other household activities. Women equally works with men in every field for example women in our area also work in their agricultural lands but gets extra work loads at home due to household chores. Therefore, it is necessary for women to have healthy foods and take care of themselves. Mrs. Sabrina emphasized the audience to give awareness to other family members about importance of organic food to women and self-care.

“Importance of Self Care”

The second topic addressed by Mrs. Sabrina was the importance of Self-care of women. She stated that life is a precious gift from God and we should care about it. It is very important to trust yourself. Issues and problems are the part of life. It can be easily handled, if you share you grieves and stress with your friends, family members or other colleagues to whom you have more trust. She focused on quality time management; your good health depends on a proper planning of your daily activities. She suggested to give proper time to your studies and engaging yourself with agricultural activities or household activities than unnecessary usage of social media/Mobile phones. Extra use of social media can distract you from your important works (Studies, Games, Social activities) and also dangerous for your good health.

“The role of Social Welfare Department Gilgit Baltistan”

At the end, Mrs. Shadia once again briefed the participants about the role of Social Welfare department and its activities. Moreover, she enlightened the procedure for getting differently able persons certificates and its benefits from Social Welfare department. Also, she mentioned the role of “Social Services Medical centers” by facilitating poor and deserving patients in all Districts of GB.
She further described that the social welfare service aims to give awareness on health & Hygiene, Adolescence Health, Self-Care and nutrition of women, chronic diseases, early childhood development and other related social issues.

The session ended with great appreciation by the participants of Gojal and insisted for arrangement of such fruitful sessions in future. She donated First Aid boxes to the team of Girl Guide Association Gojal Hunza.

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