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Resident of Hunza killed in Uganda

KARACHI: Mir Ghazi, a Uganda based resident of Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, was brutally murdered allegedly by robbers in Uganda. Mir Ghazi was based in Uganda for the past several years, in connection with work and business.

According to reports shared by other expatriates based in Uganda, Ghazi was traveling in connection with his work, delivering an order. It got late and he decided to book a hotel room. Late in the night, some robbers reportedly broke into his hotel room, tied his hand and feet, brutally tortured him and killed im. The robbers left with whatever cash Ghazi had on him. The robbers also reportedly took his passport and cellphone.

Family members and friends of Ghazi have urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the issue with the Ugandan government and seek justice for Mir Ghazi.

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