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Two women lose their lives in two separate incidents in Ishkoman Valley, Ghizer

ISHKOMAN: A woman allegedly fell in a water channel of a Hydroelectric Power House and lost her on Sunday. Per details shared by locals, a woman went to her land with her cattle and did not return. Worried family members seareched for her and found her body entangled in a wire mesh inside a waterchannel dug to supply water to a power house. There are reports that up to 7 people, and dozens of cattle, have lost their lives after falling into this particular water channel. Angered by the incident, the locals staged a protest demonstration and accused the district administration of criminal negligence leading to the loss of lives. Officials from the district administration held dialogue with the protesters.

n another tragic incident, a woman, a mother of five, allegedly died by suicide, hanging herself inside a cattle pen, in Chatorkhand. She, reportedly, was suffering from depression.

Police have launched an investigation to ascertain facts. It is pertinent to note that in the past many reported incidents of suicide have proven to homicides.

Reporting by Karim Ranjha and Durdana Sher

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