Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Conjoined twins born in Gilgit

Photograph of the operating team releaesd by RHQ Hospital, Gilgit

GILGIT: In a rare medical case, a mother has given birth to conjoined twins at the Regional Headquarters Hospital (RHQ), Gilgit.

Both babies are joined in the middle torso section, chest and stomach, sharing a heart, according to information shared by the Regional Headquarters Hospital.

The children were delivered through surgery, performed by a team led by Senior Gyneacologist, Dr. Nazneen Iqbal. The twins, weighing around 5 kgs, are alive.


According to information posted on, “Conjoined twins are twins who are physically attached to one another. It’s a very rare situation, and it comes with many complications during pregnancy, delivery, and after the babies are born.”

Scientifically speaking, “Conjoined twins are monozygotes, which means they begin as one fertilized egg that splits into two embryos. Typically, when an egg splits, the babies are born as identical twins. In very rare instances, the separation of the embryos isn’t complete. Scientists aren’t sure how it happens. They think the eggs either never entirely separate, or they reattach shortly after separating.”

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