The Menace of Departmental Tests

Mujahid Sulaiman

Good governance has been the priority of governments since ever the history of public instructions is known. It is the capacity and competence of institutions that strengthen the governments by their vibrant performance and productive outcome. In any system of government institutions play the role of backbone. Moreover, public welfare, economic prosperity and allover strength of a government is determined by its institutions. However, institutional capacity depends upon the capacity and competence of its man power, man power is acquired through thorough process of recruitment via testing agencies not by departmental test because, it’s not there job.

Now it is very important to know that how institutional capacity can be excelled and reinvigorated. There are a number of factors that play a pivotal role in institutional capacity building and one of them is the process of recruitment. In a knowledge oriented society human capital (the skills, experience and competence of an individual) is considered the strategic resource in achievement of the competitive advantage. Nonetheless, employees well equipped with professional and management skills become the leading players in any organization and drastically contribute to the successful delivery of tasks. Thus, the factor of human capital can never be ignored pertinent to institutional capacity building. However, it is the recruitment process whereby skillful, talented and well experienced people are chosen as employees. Who empower the institution and give productive outcome. While professional recruitment agencies hire the most eligible and right people pertinent to the requirement.

In context, of Gilgit Baltistan,things are going quite contrary to the acceptable standard frameworks. Whereby, departments precede the work of recruitment without eligibility and manpower. Let suppose, the job of a secretary is to supervise his concern secretariat rather the process of recruitment wherein, he has no expertise,no professional man power and required staff for academic and psychological assessment of candidates. Thus, how it is possible to him choose the right person for right job. Furthermore, departmental tests have never been transparent in GB and always, have been ended in fiasco. So, without transparency and professional recruitment process neither competent man power nor good governance is achievable. As a result the institutional capacity weakens and cannot perform up to the mark. 

Last but not least, it is high time for the policy makers to rethink over the decision of departmental recruitment that has neither been favored by general public nor by youth. Also, it is not a good strategy to recruit potential manpower to sustain the notion of good governance and institutional building. The antidote to all the ills is to acquire the services of a credible and impartial testing service like FPSC for all the recruitment process.

 The writer is ex- visiting fellow of KIU. He can be reached at mujahidsalman88@gmail.com

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  1. Quite a reasonable approach towards the frustrating pace of betterment in government sector. The political workers and elite are feeding the masses with mere sloganeering. A good piece!

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