Media report highlights “serious malpractices” during hirings at Chitral University. VC denies allegation

By Irshad Ali

A news report has revealed that a junior contract teacher was appointed, first as a Deputy Registrar, and then as the  Additional Registrar of the University of Chitral, bypassing relevant procedures and.

The appointment is allegedly illegal as law doesn’t allow giving additional responsibilities to contract teachers because they are not considered employ of the university.

The contract teacher after being appointed in this key position, not only advertised new hirings but also selected favored candidates through a test conducted internally, alleges the media report.

According to regulations, new candidates must be hired through tests conducted by a third body. The Additional Registrar not only advertised posts but also appeared as a candidate before a selection committee which he was himself a part of. He was allegedly selected as a permanent Assistant Lecturer through this “highly fraudulent” process.

Over-aged candidates were reportedly  inducted by extending the age limit for the lecturers from 40 to 55 by the Vice Chancellor and Additional Registrar against HEC rules, the report has exposed.

Local JUI leaders, including ex-MPA Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman, have filed a complain in the Provincial Ombudsman office while local PML-N leadership has also accused the university administration of malpractices and requested authorities to take action against the officials who are responsible.

Vice Chancellor University of Chitral, Zaheer Shah, has, however, denied the allegations and said that local political leaders are defaming him for not hiring candidates of their choice.

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