Double murder over land dispute enrages Lower Chitral. Suspect remains at large!  

CHITRAL: The brutal murder of two residents of Lower Chitral on 23rd of August has triggered a wave of protests in the region. The suspect has fled. Police have arrested two younger brothers and the wife of the suspect.

Two people were brutally shot dead in Drosh Valley of Lower Chitral district, while they were carrying lumber for fuel, said a police report. The deceased were reportedly shot and died on the spot.

Enraged locals took the two dead bodies and staged a protest demonstration on the Chitral road, demanding arrest of Noor Alam Gujjar, the suspect.

The protesters have said that arresting family members of the suspect is not enough. That said that the forest from which the two deceased individuals were bringing lumber was the common property of 18 Masajid. They said that the suspect had forcefully occupied the forest and illegally built houses and other constructions.

The road blockade continued for around 8 hours, before the protesters dispersed after being assured by the administration that they would arrest the suspect.

The locals have said that will free the forest on their own if the administration didn’t intervene to protect the community land.

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