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Wakhi Barnoma, Sadoye Bom-e-Duniyo, needs your suggestions

The Wakhi radio program broadcast from Radio Pakistan, Gilgit Station, has been rendering services for Wakhi language for around a decade. Many complain that this program has not been used effectively by the inexperienced and non-professional anchors and producers.   Now, Sadoye Bom-e-Duniyo is trying to improve itself with the help...

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Pamir Social Research Initiative launched

Press Release Pamir Times  has started a project called Pamir Social Research Initiative (PSRI), in order to conduct research activities on different social themes related to life in Gilgit – Baltistan. PSRI is piloting the research project with the theme called “conflict in mountain socities”. Under this broad theme it is attempting to understand...

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The human face on a mosque’s wooden pillar!

During my recent visit to Gulmit, I went to the “Old House”, in which the Gulmit Carpet Center is also located. A tiny mosque sits on roof of the ‘600’ years old house. On one of the wooden pillars of that lavishly decorated mosque, I located and captured this human...

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DAWN News to air interview with Safiullah Baig of AKCS,P

Monitoring Desk Dawn News TV is to air a fifteen minute interview of Mr Safiullah Baig, Senior Manager, Aga Khan Cultural Service, Pakistan (AKCS,P) on its programme ’92 Identity’ related to heritage. The total duration of the programme is 30 minutes spread over two segments – one of which being...

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NEREW: The Novel Rainbow

Preservation and promotion of local heritage has become a much-debated topic in recent decades. Technological innovations and media have brought profound and innovative transformations in this sector to offer alternative ways to harness local heritages for development. Nazir Ahmed Bulbul and his team also came with an innovative idea to contribute in...

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