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Ghazanfar demands compensations par “international Standards” for KKH affectees

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 Chief Executive of the Northern Areas administration has demanded, in a letter addressed to the Chairman NHA, that all affectees of the planned KKH expansion shall be compensated according to international standards. He has demanded that since the KKH is an international trade route all countries involved in trade on the route shall compensate the affected people.

Mr Ghazanfar has said that compensating the affectees according to the national laws will be unjust and tantamount to oppression of the already deprived public of region. This reaction from the chief executive came after a delegation of the would-be affectees contacted him, showing apprehension that the compenstaion being planned may not be equal to the loss of precious land.

 In the mean while the first contingent of Chinese engineers has arrived in Gilgit to start expansion work on the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.

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  1. goog news indeed and mr ghazanfar should demand for environmental impact assessement of KKH expansion before the works on this mega project gets started. otherwise the huge and colossal damage wrreaked by the brute machine of china may erase many towns and hiostroical sites all along KKH from Sost to Raikot. I strongly support if an elaborated editorial or comment is carried out by your online media piece so that the issue could be highlighted at national and international level. thanks pamirtimes for doing a good job.

  2. Chief Executive’s demand is much appreciated, But I too would back the need for environmental impact assessment before the execuation of the project.

  3. Why Mr. Ghazanfar is demanding for compensations? where is the power of Chief Executive? interesting!!!!

  4. EIA is pre requirement to incept any minor project, I didn’t understand is it possible to start such a huge project without EIA.
    Not required to narrate why it is important and how the Developed World look and allows, it seems very unlogical.
    But, very essential the Environmental Institutions / Organizations working in Northern Area sice long and using fund of the area and international Agencies regarding environment and all over the country are silent, that seems that, all the working on environmental aspects and the Local people are taken in confidence by the Govt. of CHINA and Pakistan.
    Because, constitution wise Northern Areas didn’t looks part of Pakistan. That seems just a hired land to plough the cropes what ever is feasible and good according to the situation. Often on sects, creed and caste etc.
    Last but not least if both the Govt. of China and Pakistan plan it the way that, they planned for the Dry port that is working—– then in my openion ask the native people to leave the place forever.
    I request to the learned people to just ask the EIA and EPA from the concern departments of the GOVT. Specially the Northern Areas Environmental Related Departments, the building they allowed to construct at the Khunjarav Border is a clear sample of undrstanding of the related Departments.

  5. I don’t think that Chief Executive of Northern Areas is that much powerful to take a decision at his own, especially when there is a mega Proejct and two countries are involved in it. Being representative of the NALC, he has rised his voice, and I think instead of making useless arguments, we all need to support him in the interest of entire Northern community.

  6. Interesting to see this news. Our CE Ganzafar was saying that without his (state of Hunzaz) permission no Government(PAK,CHINA) can sign any agreement on any project, now where is that power today?? why he is begging rather to give demands.
    therefore I request Mr Ganzafar, that don’t made silly comments and utilize your power if you have any..

  7. Dear All,

    May be due to lack of vocabulary or what ever u understand, soory first! If I cant explain to understanable to all of u.
    My point, here was that with out EIA non of the Oranization start any project any where in the country, this was the pre requsite requirement for all projects, as we are working all over Pakistan.
    This is the requirement, to start any project——
    The second point yah, I quoated the example of SOOST DRY PORT, because when the share was collected from us, The nominated persons of the last Management was highliting it between two of the countries CHINA & PAKISTAN. But, at later stage that, came on light , this is family business of single person of HUNZA
    Once again soory if it heart any one —-

  8. I agreed what Mr. Baig has pointed out the ground realities. Secondly, so-called CE and member of NALC always want to rise and fly in the sky by exploiting the local people, institutions and resources but never raised such issues with sincerity and according to the procedures and ToR of his office. If he hasn’t the power then what is Mr. Aziz’s comment and knowledge about the constitutional package and promotion of the said member as deputy to a power full CE of NALC stated by President of Pakistan last year in his famous speech in Gilgit. We read every day 100 promises and voices from such people but in reality it is nothing. I remember CE himself said in an interview that he has given all constitutional and executive authority. Then why he is just raising voice. he should act practically.

  9. Lets imagine for a while that instead of Mr. Ghazanfar, someone else is the CE of NAs, What would he being doing in thsi perticular case? not a difficult guess, whoever the CE of NAs, they can only demand as they don not have any power at all. I dont not think CE has powers, and if he says he has powers it is only for the sake of gaining popularity and nothing else. What I want to emphasize is in the presence of a dummy NALC, People of the NAs should stand together to protect their rights. Being a professional Mr. Baig Ali has given his valuable comments on EIA, I would request friends and colleagues to put some more light on it.

  10. salam to all
    i went through the comments and my own analysis is that we have a disappointment regarding the performance of our political leaders.
    some of my friends have raised the point of practical work.dear friends just demanding practical work is i thing again an un affective job. what we are demanding and from whom we are demanding. lets leave it.i dont want this plat form to be political……………………………………..
    what i would request to all of you is that we have to make the representatives work,not only ask to work. let me tell you that no change in history has took place by a single person’s efforts specially by seasoned bird like people ,who just come on scene during elections………………..
    whatever has to be done is on the public because we have the power.
    just take an example of the electricity crises in gojal.every one knows that the generation of electricity there is not a big problem but even then we manage and compromise on dark nights. why? why? dears this is our own fault. why we have not asked the responsibles on this issue.
    we have made the political leaders gaints,we are the people who are accepting thier wrong decisions and plannings just for our own mere benefit. we have to just think in an objective and respectable way that we have elected them to serve us and they have to serve us according to our needs and desires not according to thier own will and wishes.
    let’s be practical and raise a voice against injustice even if the person doing injustce is our own father
    AAJ TV

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