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Nadir Aman: A Jewel in the Crown of Gilgit-Baltistan

Nadir Aman, a self-schooled painter from Passu, Gojal, now living in Skardu, has dedicated his life to painting the rugged features of the Gilgit- Blatistan folks whose entire lives are spent combating the fierce of nature. He is also famous cartoonist in local newspapers. 
An artist from Gojal, HunzaUnlike most painters, Nadir Aman sketches the faces while people go about their daily chores. He does not ask his model to sit as a study as most painters are wont to do, to catch the sharpness of characters they are studying. Adept at catching facial nuances, he translate the joys and sorrow of his ‘models’ into an artistic study, though he still does not even own a work studio.
Nadir Aman is in early 50s and is often seen in his odd socks, covered with paint as he works. And while as yet undiscovered by a formal art organization, he can proudly claim to have a vast collection of his profile etchings and murals- he has painted more than 50 so far. And though he hasn’t even had any national exposure as such, his paintings, which are often done in rich colors, are regularly carried by the local weekly newspapers of the areas where he hails from.

For his admirers his work seems to emanate a spirituality which oozes from the breathtaking scenes of buttercup fields and where the water flows down from the majestic mountains of the North. His two books are coming soon on “Wood Craft of Baltistan” and “Aina-e-Waqat’ of cartoons. 

Currently he is working with Baltistan Enterprise Development and Arts Revival (BEDAR) , and got wood carving contracts of KIU, Local Administration of Northern Areas, Serena Hotels and many other institutions.  His contact numbers are 05831-54051 or Cell: 0346 5464503


NOTE: Samples of the paintings of Nadir Aman are shared here for the purpose of information only. All rights of these art works remain with Nadir Aman. No work can be copied without his prior permission.

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  1. Nadir Bhai is infact one of the geniouses this area has produced. As he has never attended a professional institution to learn but the natural ability Allah has gifted is remarkable. He has a very interesting personlity. I wish him a very joyful life and success in whatever venture he is in.

    Sher Karim

  2. marvellous
    buhut zabardast
    Mr Nadir has trmendous art.he should work on national level

  3. Good to see many many things after coming back from Gojal.
    Uncle Nadir has been in Skardu for the last many years and is a very talented in artistic works which he has not acquired by going through some course work or training.He is a cream of the region and we expect more from him espeially in the areas where he has more expertise.
    Hope to see such talents coming up in the near future.

    Well done Uncle for the splendid works.

  4. Nadir bahi is really an artist of caliber; he is bestowed with great artistic talent for which the people of north should be proud of. No Artist of acclaimed come form school of art, but school were made in the name artist.

    We pray for his success and better utilization of his art.

  5. Winning doesn’t always mean being first, winning means you ‘re doing better than you’ve done b4

    Great Nadir uncle you have done a splendid job God Bless You

    Please keep it up

  6. my best Wishes for Nadir Ali. I highly applaud his skills and talent. the people of Hunza keep on talking so much about culture but without actually contributing something in the enrichment of our culture. arts and crafts is an important area of the cultural life of any area. so Nadir’s efforts will go down positively

    ali al-Hakim

  7. Best way to remin in touch with your friends,family and your Qoom. Inspired by your efforts.

  8. We are proud to have his services to promote wooden art and cur work joinly initiated by BCDF/Bedar and Nadir Aman
    Tahir Shah
    Manager BCDF/ BEDAR

  9. A very appropriate title, a ‘jewel in the crown’.

    Though I am not a trained art critique, but the little I know about Nadir Aman’s work, it really represents the agenda of the common man. The portraits he artfully paints show the miseries, happiness, hopes and aspirations of the common people, mainly in Baltistan.

    He has a strong political conscience. As a human rights activist and cartoonist he always tries to show to people the real faces of the oppressors and the oppressed.

    Unfortunately, we have not been able to honour and recongnize his work on the NA level. But his committment to his work and consistency is amazing, so much so that, he sacrificied his personal life for his work, facing all social challenges.

    Amin Beg

  10. YAM all,
    first i am really happy to see gojali web.secondly amazing painting by nadir uncle.amazing talent…hope that he will help us in the field of art.
    best wishes:
    karim ahamad

  11. YAM readers,
    amaizing job nadir uncle, we all gojalis are proud of ya.

  12. Dear Uncle,
    There is no doubt that you are the legend.

    God bless and pray for your good health.


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