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Hoor Shah appointed President of PML (N) – Hunza

Press Release

The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has appointed Hoor Shah as president of its Hunza chapter. This was stated at the PML secretariat, in Gilgit, by Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman. Sher Khan was appointed the General Secretary of the party.

Hoor Shah is a prominent social and political activist belonging to Baltit, Hunza. He has served as Manager of the Baltit Fort Trust and was currently appointed Vice-Chairman of the Silk Route Dry Port, Sost. Hafeez ur Rehman said that people in Hunza love PML (N) and no stone wil be left unturned for increasing its popularity in the region. Hoor Shah said that he had accepted the PML (N) designation because he was inspired by the visionary leadership of Nawaz Sharif and Hafeez ur Rehman. He said that he will put all his efforts to increase the effectiveness of PML (N) in the region.

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  1. Congratulations.
    Great courage and revolt! Knowing where he is coming from!

    Unfortunately politics in Hunza and the Northern Areas is not bottom up and indigenized. while the trend in all the provinces of Pakistan and regions arefor ‘ethnic-based and nationalistic’, we in Gilgit-Baltistan, always look to ‘non indigenous’ parties.

    This means the politics of Hunza-Nagar district is in swing again. There seems further drift in the old aristocracy of Hunza which always remained true to the ‘politics of the establishment’ so to speak.

    Obviously Hoor Shah and the PML-N will encroach on the vote bank PML-Q and the Mir family.

    On the other hand, the PPP, especially after the death of BB and forming government, will continue to appeal to its traditional vote bank.

    The progressive youth, civil society and nationalist groups remain marginalized and disunited in the face of these odds.

    There is a need for an indigenous movement to address the major issues of corruption, bad governance, poverty, unemployment and to fight for the fundamental rights through a peaceful struggle and political mobilization.

  2. Congrats Mr, Hoor shah becoming presedent of PMLN Hunza. But any body could tell us why u people are becoming so exited. Because we havnt any costitutional right. I think ppp PMLN or PMLQ these peoples are are looking for thier own benifits.

  3. The political system of NAs is bit different than the rest of the parts of the country.There is a 98% hold of the traditional (jagirdars,waderas,maliks,chaudhries,nawabs,mirs and many others) dominants in the country. if the public or any leader is damanding rights of his concerned area he is doing so on the basis of an identification. We the people of northern Area are niether totlly disputed nor totally independent.
    Amin sahab has talked about indigenous mivement. i liked it very much but again the question rises here that who is going to supervise or lead it. is he Mr Kaira who is going to stablise the aree or any other who is directly or indirectly under the control of those who did not know about the statistics of the NAs.
    We need a strong platform and and a strong leader ship. what do you people think about this.

    AAJ TV

  4. It is need of the day that we should promote indegenous groups instead of these traditional dirty politics that is played on national basis. Thise guys are hipocrates (we should get rid of them sooner, the better) who change parties on every election, like the one guy who used to Benazir ka bhai turned as Nawas Sharif ka Sipahi on the next election.

    We should suppost a real nationalist who cares only about the people and not a political brand name of PPP, PML ( to Z), JUI (A – Z) and so on. These guys have done nothing in the past 60 years

    Let us find solution to our problems by ourselves instead of looking at the National Political parties and support real people instead of idiot jokers who have been tested time and again. Let us rise above all our previous affiliations and start on the grassroots level in Gojal and Hunza by bringing new educated youth and train them and find out real leadership.

    Sher Karim

  5. Awo Tum bhi pass awo Roshni mai Nehla dai’N
    Jiss ko choo liya hamm nay, Aayina bana dala.

    wish you all the best Hoor Shah sahib

  6. Congrates to Mr. Hoor Shah
    This a nice step to get into the politics, what ever the party is. This actually goes to many windows of opportunities and will let others to get their enterance to education. I fully agree with Mr. Amin Beg’s view but again we should have the encourage and must regard the mainstream parties of the country for awakening us

  7. Congrats to Hoor Shah and Ilks,
    This is really important to bring political changes in the region but shouldn’t be personal revenge at the other edge. I fully agree with Mr Amin’s point of view to build up the indigenous movements in Gilgit-Baltistan but the question raise from the bottom that who will take the initiative where our student leaders have been disgusted by NGO’s and take shatters under wimps of western donors

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