Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Ghulkin and Chipurson Launches Golden Jubilee Bands

By Abdul Hameed

Hunza, April 20: Preparations are underway for establishing the Golden Jubilee Pipe Bands in Ghulkin and Chipursan Valleys. The training in Ghulkin will continue till the end of April.

Trainers from Gulmit Silver Jubilee Band are imparting trainings to the local volunteers as part of Knowledge and Time Nazrana. Rehmatullh, Saeed Ahmed Abdul Hameed, Muzafar Din Shah, Akhtar, Aziz Muhammad are supervising the pipe section while Ghulam Baig, Hidayat Shah, Amir Hayat, Gul Bayaz and Aslam Shah are supervising the drum section.

Similar trainings were also imparted from Feb 12 to March 15 in Chipursan valley. About 35 volunteers successfully completed the training.

10 thoughts on “Ghulkin and Chipurson Launches Golden Jubilee Bands

  1. very good to see such wonderful work going on …. the volunteers of the AGA KHAN SILVER JUBLEE BAND GROUP GULMIT are doing faboulas work …… keep it up……

  2. nice to hear about the band, thanks to the band group of Gulmit for rendering their service.

  3. very nice Ghukiln & Chipurson.

    thanks to



  4. wounderfull fantestic
    but where is chipurson band (photo)
    we r very happy to see this new changing in golden jubilee year

  5. belong to chipurson village and very glad to see this side and our volunteer’s khidmat for our imam and our jamat.

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